Today, overly complex and aging applications and infrastructure are struggling to support a new digital change. Many Finance and Enterprise applications are based on aging 20+ year old technology that has been identified as too monolithic to sustain this digital change without enormous costs and resources. There is a high demand for off-the-shelf, low OPX business applications. Customers are migrating to distributed services that offer convenience while adapting to the user’s context of anywhere on any device in whatever the situation. Meaning the user may start an activity on one device channel and complete it on another device channel while the backend remembers the state of the activity. This new approach will deliver a more modular software product that costs less to develop and less resources to maintain. New rapid development will reduce OPX and CAPX costs for everyone and increase a competitive stance. New capabilities will deliver rich features for customers.

MicroServices is a new concept executed successfully at Netflix and Twitter whom runs their entire business with this approach. We can help you design and build your new platform.

The overall solution is lighter, faster, cheaper.  Each MicroService cooperates

with others in a peer-to-peer style over a REST messaging channel. One

output is another’s input. Existing Java code can be re-used when

migrating to the MicroServices model. Let us help!

MicroServices Consulting